Imagine having a store manager that works for about $5 a day, never calls in sick, shows up late or asks for a raise!

That’s right! Our all-in-one POS systems work hard to watch over your business and make you money. Creating a stellar customer experience is hard enough. Why burden yourself with the with the back office details? Free yourself from the pencil pushing and invest in a POS system that works for you! 


Looking for a POS system for your business or restaurant?

Team Fitzhugh offers multiple POS systems from different vendors. There's one to fit every need and budget, whether you're just starting out, or ready to go "whole hog."  Team Fitzhugh will listen to your needs and goals and select just the right system for your business. Many of these systems can be integrated with your security system, digital signage, etc. Our expert installers and programmers will set your system up and train you and your staff on how to use it.  


Are you a beverage retailer?

Experience full control over every aspect of your operation with the first all-in-one management software designed exclusively for beverage retailers! Everything from maximizing sales potential to real-time inventory tracking and taxation data can all be accessed from a single location!

  • Maximize your profits and never miss another opportunity again.
  • Have everything you need to know right at the register- pricing, quantity, and deposit data, will make customer check-out lightning fast!
  • Recognize your special customers and have them coming back for more of what they love!
  • Offer house accounts, complete with customer preference tracking, and comprehensive monthly billing statements.
  • Purchase histories help you track your best selling items. 
  • Eliminate inventory errors with full automated inventory tracking.
  • Inventory data is adjusted automatically with every sale and product delivery.
  • Easily track bottle, keg, and tap deposits.
  • Assess costs and profit margins in seconds.
  • Reorder alerts eliminate surprises. 


For a limited time when you purchase a new POS system, we’ll throw in a Kindle (so you can manage and monitor your business from the comfort of your couch!) and 12 months of MOOD:MIX – Music for your business absolutely free! 


As an added bonus, if you ever have an issue or need help, we're here for you!   We have a 24 hour direct support number with a live person who will help you with any problems.

The Fitzhugh Difference: 

  • Many systems to fit your budget
  • Professional installation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Expert Training
  • 24 hour support



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